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KyotoCGGT 2007

[map by MyWorld66, distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 License]

KyotoCGGT 2007: Kyoto International Conference on Computational Geometry and Graph Theory

Due: February 20, 2007 (extended from February 10, 2007)
When: June 11–15, 2007
Where: Kyoto, Japan
URL: [Wayback]; [Wayback]
Note: In honor of Jin Akiyama and Vašek Chvátal on their 60th birthdays.
Topic: geometry
Predecessor: JCDCG 2004
Successor: JCCGG 2009
Before: SoCG 2007
Fee: JPY 28000 (early regular), JPY 32000 (late regular), JPY 10000 (early student), JPY 12000 (late student)