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CanaDAM 2007

CanaDAM 2007: 1st Canadian Discrete and Algorithmic Mathematics Conference

Due: January 29, 2007 (minisymposia); February 19, 2007 (abstracts)
When: May 28–31, 2007
Where: Banff Conference Center, Alberta, Canada
Accept: February 2, 2007 (minisymposia); February 24, 2007 (abstracts)
Register: April 2, 2007 (early; extended)
URL: [Wayback]
Topics: graphs, combinatorics
PC: Bill Cook, Pavol Hell, Joan Hutchinson, Bojan Mohar (chair), Christos Papadimitriou, Pavel Pevzner, Nati Linial, Doug Stinson, Eva Tardos, Godfried Toussaint, Nick Wormald, Herb Wilf
Plenary: Valerie King, Janos Pach, Bill Pulleyblank, David Sankoff, Bruce Shepherd, Vera Sos, Peter Winkler, Xuding Zhu
Fee: CAD 230 (early regular), CAD 70 (early student), CAD 330 (late regular), CAD 170 (late student)