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GeomFest 1999, 1996

GeomFest 1999: 4th Geometry Festival: An international workshop on Discrete Geometry and Rigidity

Due: September 30, 1999 (notify of attendence); November 29, 1999 (paper)
When: November 29December 2, 1999
Where: Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary
URL: [Wayback]; [Wayback]
Note: By invitation. November 28 and December 3 are arrival and departure dates, respectively; there will be no talks on them, and the other days will be pretty full.
Topic: geometry
Tags: attended, presented

GeomFest 1996: 3rd Geometry Festival: An International Conference on Packings, Coverings, and Tilings

When: July 29August 1, 1996
Where: Budapest, Hungary
URL: [Wayback]; [Wayback]
Topic: geometry